Starting in 2016, our first few projects involved developing control systems for various businesses, including collegiate robotics and vertical farming. During this process, we realized that affordable, custom solutions are tough to come by. Noticing a real problem, we quickly transitioned to a product development and electronics consulting firm for small businesses.  


Our Mission: Our primary focus is to provide affordable engineering services to small businesses and startups. We solve your electrical and technical problems so that you can focus on the development of your business.

Our Vision: We hope to help establish and build some of the most innovative businesses within the greater corridor. Using cutting edge technology, we foresee ourselves working alongside trendsetters, idealists, and dreamers who seek to change the world through their products.

Our Values

·        Integrity: Be real, be open, and be honest

·        Accountability: No excuses, we get the job done

·        Passion: Commitment mixed with a positive attitude

·        Quality: If we do it, we do it well

·        Diversity: We hope to work with all types of people, no matter what their background may be

Our Team


Abram Nothnagle, President

Abram Nothnagle is a builder at heart. He also has the education to back that up. With a BSE in Electrical Engineering and BS in physics from the University of Iowa as well as numerous minors and certificates including mathematics, computer science, and entrepreneurship, Abram can make just about anything he wants to.  With strong leadership skills and a drive to create, as well as significant previous startup experience, Abram created Nothsor Systems, L.LC. to create technology that will power the future. 


Doron Tsachor, CEO

Doron Tsachor's passion is helping humanity through technology. His BSE in Electrical Engineering and mathematics from the University of Iowa helps him do that. His project management and fundraising experience building prototype mars rovers for NASA competitions helps Nothsor be one of the best when it comes to product development and design. His enthusiasm and experience while pitching the company draws in the people and resources Nothsor needs to tackle any project and succeed. 





Protostudios is a state-of-the-art, rapid-prototyping facility located at MERGE.  They work with us to develop fully functional prototypes of your product, allowing you to test, redesign, determine manufacturing paths and demonstrate usability to investors.

Ob Design Group

Ob Design Group is a prototyping company that assists Nothsor Systems in early stage CAD modelling and 3D printing for prototype enclosures, casings, and hardware so that we can rapidly, and affordably, prototype your product until it's perfect.

BeraTek Industries

BeraTek is a leader in manufacturing. BeraTek works with Nothsor Systems to provide incredibly affordable injection molding and other manufacturing so that you can get the best prices on your mass produced products.

Launch Deck

Between Nothsor Systems, Ob Design Group, and BeraTek Industries, we have all of your electronics and hardware covered... But what about software? That's where Launch Deck comes in. Launch Deck works with Nothsor Systems to develop top-of-the-line software to go with your product. Whether it be a phone, computer, or web application, Launch Deck can make it work.