Nothsor Systems, L.L.C. is a product development company focused on providing affordable solutions to small businesses and startups. We solve your engineering problems so that you can focus on developing your business, and our unique business model allows us to provide value at the most affordable rates around. Nothsor originally started out developing control systems for vertical farms and collegiate robotics, but quickly transitioned to product development and electronics consulting for small businesses. We learned that our customers wanted custom solutions, and we had the ability to do just that. Since May of 2016, we have helped over 9 small businesses launch their products, and we would love to help you too.


Abram Nothnagle, President

Abram Nothnagle is a builder at heart. He also has the education to back that up. With a BSE in Electrical Engineering and BS in physics from the University of Iowa as well as numerous minors and certificates including mathematics, computer science, and entrepreneurship, Abram can make just about anything he wants to.  With strong leadership skills and a drive to create, as well as significant previous startup experience, Abram created Nothsor Systems, L.LC. to create technology that will power the future. 


Doron Tsachor, CEO

Doron Tsachor's passion is helping humanity through technology. His BSE in Electrical Engineering and mathematics from the University of Iowa helps him do that. His project management and fundraising experience building prototype mars rovers for NASA competitions helps Nothsor be one of the best when it comes to product development and design. His enthusiasm and experience while pitching the company draws in the people and resources Nothsor needs to tackle any project and succeed.