Episode 5 - Pricing Your Products

Try to survive Abram's tangents as our founders explain how to price your products! From research, to identifying and calculating your costs, to setting a profit margin, our founders cover it all and explain everything they've learned. Remember: do your research if you want to make a profit.

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Episode 4 - Our First Product

Abram and Doron talk about product development through the lens of their journey with their first product, a powerful solid state switching board useful for pump control in vertical farming (and other DC applications). Follow their story to learn about the process of getting a piece of electronics from idea to finished product. 

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Episode 2 - How to Start a Company Part 2 - Team Building and the Operating Agreement

In this episode of Frontline Founders, our founders explore how to build your founding team and the document that guides how that team operates, the operating agreement. Tune in to learn the three most important considerations when picking a co-founder and how to legally settle disputes among them. 

Episode 1 - How to Start a Company Part 1 - Idea Creation

The first ever episode of Frontline Founders is live! Tune in with our founders as we explore the intricacies of starting a company. Learn how to identify the skills of you and your team, work towards your passions, and do market research to validate your business before you invest.

Coming Soon!

Our founders have recorded their first ever episode of Frontline Founders! This is a podcast where they will explore their adventure becoming the founders of a small business on the front line of entrepreneurship. During this podcast, Abram and Doron hope to teach you, the audience, everything that they have learned in the trenches of business. Hopefully you can learn from both their successes and failures as you follow the progression of their business from fledgling idea to either soaring success or total bankruptcy.