Episode 31 - Training Employees

Now that Nothsor Systems' first employee has started working, our founders have been thinking about what it takes to train an employee, and about the difference between hiring an employee to be trained on a job versus hiring an employee to add missing talent. Fortunately for our founders, their new employee is in the latter group; he brings new skills to the organization. Tune in to hear our founders thoughts on what you can expect and what you should be looking for when training your employees, or when attempting to hire on new talent!

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Episode 27 - Hiring Employees (Before)

It is finally time for Nothsor Systems to hire an employee! Our founders have done the research and hired the consultants to make it all happen, so now it's time for them to teach you some of what they've learned. It turns out, hiring an employee is a complicated, and expensive, process. The employee costs more than just what you pay them.

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