Frontline Founders Season Finale!

It's finally here, the season finale of Frontline Founders Season 1! We have had a wonderful journey with Nothsor Systems and with sharing our learning through the Frontline Founders podcast, but we have finally communicated just about everything that we've learned. Now that we are moving the company out of Iowa, it is a good opportunity to take some time off from this podcast to learn more about entrepreneurship and ensure that each episode is packed with good information. Tune in to this episode to hear the whole Nothsor Systems story, from conception to today. Hear the juicy details of everything our founders have been through!

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Episode 41 - Blogging for your Business

We're back this week with Frontline Founders! Tune in as John joins us to explain how you can blog for your business to increase traffic, improve your SEO, and keep customers coming back again and again. If you would like to see some examples of how you can blog for your business, head over to Powering the Future on the Nothsor Systems website to see how we do it for our electrical engineering company:

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Episode 25 - Branding

In a slight departure from our normal episodes, our founders talk about a topic that they are currently struggling with: branding. What is branding, why do you need to do it, why do we struggle with it, and how can branding be done effectively? Tune in as our founders explore all of these questions.

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Episode 24 - Simplifying your Message

When you are an entrepreneur starting your own business, chances are that you understand what you do far better than your customers. For this reason, it is vitally important to the success of your company that you are able to simplify what it is that you do so that you can remove as much confusion as possible. Because, let's face it, confusion is a big reason that people choose not to buy.

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Episode 23 - Partnering with Other Organizations

When you're starting your own business, you shouldn't necessarily try to do everything yourself. Whether it's getting manufacturing help, working with someone who can augment your services, or even getting marketing support, partnering with other organizations can help your business grow to the next level. Follow along as our founders explain how to go about partnering with other organizations.

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Episode 22 - Sales Pipeline

The sales pipeline is a very useful tools for businesses, both small and large, to track their sales and sales processes. By using the sales pipeline, you can track what sales steps your business needs to take, how long each step takes, and you can begin gathering analytics about each step. Tune in as our founders explain some of the deeper intricacies of this useful tool.

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Episode 16 - Full-Time vs. Part-Time Entrepreneurship

When you're first starting your business, you have the choice between whether you want to do entrepreneurship on the side of whatever full-time job you have, or if you want to go all in and do it full time. While there's no right answer to this question, our founders take you through the pros and cons of both, and give you their own suggestions.

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Episode 14 - Quality Control

When the phrase "Quality Control" is thrown out, most people start thinking about manufacturing processes and ensuring that they are done correctly. While that may be a valid first impression, "quality control" can mean so much more for your business. Our founders walk you through what quality control can mean to your business, whether you're walking dogs, engineering electronics, manufacturing toys, or anything in between.

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Episode 1 - How to Start a Company Part 1 - Idea Creation

The first ever episode of Frontline Founders is live! Tune in with our founders as we explore the intricacies of starting a company. Learn how to identify the skills of you and your team, work towards your passions, and do market research to validate your business before you invest.