Episode 34 - Incentivizing Employees

Are you looking to bring on talent to your startup? Do you have a professional in mind that you absolutely need to start your company and get your product/service/technology rolling? It can often be hard to incentivize these highly skilled workers to come on to your team when you're in the early stages. Tune in as our founders explain some of the options that you have to incentivize employees and make the startup life worth it for them.

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Episode 32 - Hiring Employees (Hired!)

Following up with our first episode on hiring employees, our founders interview their new hire! John Kuster has just finished up his second week working for Nothsor Systems, and so now our founders have new insights into what hiring an employee is like. Tune in to hear how the process went and learn some tricks of the trade from John himself!

As always, you can get in touch with us about the podcast at contact@frontlinefounders.com, or you can get in touch with us about our electrical engineering company at contact@nothsor.com.

Episode 27 - Hiring Employees (Before)

It is finally time for Nothsor Systems to hire an employee! Our founders have done the research and hired the consultants to make it all happen, so now it's time for them to teach you some of what they've learned. It turns out, hiring an employee is a complicated, and expensive, process. The employee costs more than just what you pay them.

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