Episode 32 - Hiring Employees (Hired!)

Following up with our first episode on hiring employees, our founders interview their new hire! John Kuster has just finished up his second week working for Nothsor Systems, and so now our founders have new insights into what hiring an employee is like. Tune in to hear how the process went and learn some tricks of the trade from John himself!

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Episode 19 - Podmi

Our founders interview Jeremy Ives with Podmi. This small startup is developing a power strip that can allow users to individually control every device plugged into it. This product has uses in home automation as well as vertical farming! Tune in to hear how this company got started, and hear some of the most important things that Jeremy has learned by developing his company.

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Episode 8 - Interview with BC

The long awaited interview with BC Alexander! Tune in as our founders interview their mentor and pick his brain to share as much wisdom as possible. This man has imparted a lot of knowledge about marketing, sales, and leadership. Now you too can get a taste of it!

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If you'd like to get in contact with BC himself, try his new and in progress website: https://www.alexanderunitedcapital.com/