Episode 28 - Product Development Cycle

We're back in 2018 with a topic that should be near and dear to any entrepreneur's heart: product development. We've talked about this before, but in this installment we teach you about some different specifics that we didn't mention before. Specifically, what are the steps to developing a product, how long do they take, and how much does it cost. This topic is very important to us because we have many clients who struggle with all of the different requirements for making a product and putting those all together.

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Episode 17 - Options for Product Development

Do you have an idea for a product that absolutely must hit the market? Do you want to create something and sell it yourself? Has your market research told you that people are missing something that they need? Well follow along as our founders teach you about the four options you have for developing your own products. They take a task that sounds insurmountable, and make it very doable.

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Episode 14 - Quality Control

When the phrase "Quality Control" is thrown out, most people start thinking about manufacturing processes and ensuring that they are done correctly. While that may be a valid first impression, "quality control" can mean so much more for your business. Our founders walk you through what quality control can mean to your business, whether you're walking dogs, engineering electronics, manufacturing toys, or anything in between.

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Episode 10 - How We Work with Clients Part 1

Tune in as our founders explain some best practices for working with clients that they have learned from doing their own business. Learn what to do and what not to do when providing customer service, and turn those clients into repeat customers!

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