Episode 41 - Blogging for your Business

We're back this week with Frontline Founders! Tune in as John joins us to explain how you can blog for your business to increase traffic, improve your SEO, and keep customers coming back again and again. If you would like to see some examples of how you can blog for your business, head over to Powering the Future on the Nothsor Systems website to see how we do it for our electrical engineering company: http://www.nothsor.com/poweringthefuture/

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Episode 33 - Content Creation For Your Small Business

Do you have a small business? Are you looking to connect with your customers more? If you answered yes to these questions, you'll want to know how to create high quality content that will engage your target market. Whether you're using social media, your own website, or advertisements, people won't engage with you unless your content itself is engaging. Tune in as John helps our founders explain the art of content creation.

As always, you can engage with us at contact@frontlinefounders.com or on Facebook @frontlinefounders. If you're looking for product development or electrical engineering services, you can get in touch with our founders at contact@nothsor.com, on Facebook @nothsor, or on our website at www.nothsor.com.

Episode 32 - Hiring Employees (Hired!)

Following up with our first episode on hiring employees, our founders interview their new hire! John Kuster has just finished up his second week working for Nothsor Systems, and so now our founders have new insights into what hiring an employee is like. Tune in to hear how the process went and learn some tricks of the trade from John himself!

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Episode 25 - Branding

In a slight departure from our normal episodes, our founders talk about a topic that they are currently struggling with: branding. What is branding, why do you need to do it, why do we struggle with it, and how can branding be done effectively? Tune in as our founders explore all of these questions.

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Episode 24 - Simplifying your Message

When you are an entrepreneur starting your own business, chances are that you understand what you do far better than your customers. For this reason, it is vitally important to the success of your company that you are able to simplify what it is that you do so that you can remove as much confusion as possible. Because, let's face it, confusion is a big reason that people choose not to buy.

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Episode 20 - Cheap or Free Marketing

Are you just starting out on your startup? Don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank account? Well there are still marketing options for you. Not every business needs to invest thousands in marketing up front, there are more affordable and effective options! Listen in as our founders walk you through some of the options that you have to market your small business without breaking the bank.

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Episode 11 - The Importance of Image

Image is one of the most important aspects of entrepreneurship, and yet tends to be one of the most neglected. How you and your company appear to customers, clients, and partners can make or break a deal, and is essential in marketing. Our founders walk you through image; its aspects and how you can work on your image yourself!

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