Episode 37 - Sourcing and Whitelabelling

Are you looking for a product to sell? Do you want to solve your business's problems without reinventing the wheel? Well, it is a common practice to sell another company's goods and services, but label them as your own. If this sounds like something that your business could benefit from, then tune in as our founders explain the ins and outs and set you on the path to sourcing and whitelabelling your own products.

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Episode 18 - Undervaluing your Product or Service

Almost universally, entrepreneurs tend to undervalue the product or service that they provide. This means that these early stage business people do not charge enough for what they offer. Undervaluing can be a serious problem that can potentially lead to the death of a young business. Our founders walk you through the reasons that people undervalue their business, why not to do it, and some methods to avoid undervaluing yourself and what you offer.

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Episode 17 - Options for Product Development

Do you have an idea for a product that absolutely must hit the market? Do you want to create something and sell it yourself? Has your market research told you that people are missing something that they need? Well follow along as our founders teach you about the four options you have for developing your own products. They take a task that sounds insurmountable, and make it very doable.

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Episode 5 - Pricing Your Products

Try to survive Abram's tangents as our founders explain how to price your products! From research, to identifying and calculating your costs, to setting a profit margin, our founders cover it all and explain everything they've learned. Remember: do your research if you want to make a profit.

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