Episode 29 - First Steps to Investment

Many startups are not in a position to grow organically, reinvesting their profits to grow naturally. For these companies, investment capital is sometimes the only way to get off the ground, or to grow at a reasonable rate. Tune in as our founders walk you through some of the most important things that you'll need to know as you get ready to seek out investment for your business.

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Episode 19 - Podmi

Our founders interview Jeremy Ives with Podmi. This small startup is developing a power strip that can allow users to individually control every device plugged into it. This product has uses in home automation as well as vertical farming! Tune in to hear how this company got started, and hear some of the most important things that Jeremy has learned by developing his company.

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Episode 18 - Undervaluing your Product or Service

Almost universally, entrepreneurs tend to undervalue the product or service that they provide. This means that these early stage business people do not charge enough for what they offer. Undervaluing can be a serious problem that can potentially lead to the death of a young business. Our founders walk you through the reasons that people undervalue their business, why not to do it, and some methods to avoid undervaluing yourself and what you offer.

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Episode 16 - Full-Time vs. Part-Time Entrepreneurship

When you're first starting your business, you have the choice between whether you want to do entrepreneurship on the side of whatever full-time job you have, or if you want to go all in and do it full time. While there's no right answer to this question, our founders take you through the pros and cons of both, and give you their own suggestions.

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Episode 2 - How to Start a Company Part 2 - Team Building and the Operating Agreement

In this episode of Frontline Founders, our founders explore how to build your founding team and the document that guides how that team operates, the operating agreement. Tune in to learn the three most important considerations when picking a co-founder and how to legally settle disputes among them.