Episode 37 - Sourcing and Whitelabelling

Are you looking for a product to sell? Do you want to solve your business's problems without reinventing the wheel? Well, it is a common practice to sell another company's goods and services, but label them as your own. If this sounds like something that your business could benefit from, then tune in as our founders explain the ins and outs and set you on the path to sourcing and whitelabelling your own products.

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Episode 27 - Hiring Employees (Before)

It is finally time for Nothsor Systems to hire an employee! Our founders have done the research and hired the consultants to make it all happen, so now it's time for them to teach you some of what they've learned. It turns out, hiring an employee is a complicated, and expensive, process. The employee costs more than just what you pay them.

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Episode 25 - Branding

In a slight departure from our normal episodes, our founders talk about a topic that they are currently struggling with: branding. What is branding, why do you need to do it, why do we struggle with it, and how can branding be done effectively? Tune in as our founders explore all of these questions.

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Episode 2 - How to Start a Company Part 2 - Team Building and the Operating Agreement

In this episode of Frontline Founders, our founders explore how to build your founding team and the document that guides how that team operates, the operating agreement. Tune in to learn the three most important considerations when picking a co-founder and how to legally settle disputes among them.