Design. Prototyping. Manufacturing.
Electronics made for you.

Nothsor Systems, L.L.C. is a product development company. We work with small businesses and startups to provide engineering services to develop your products so you can focus on your business. With our team of dedicated engineers, we can take you through the entire design process, from design, to prototyping, to manufacturing, and supply you with the electronics you need to make your business work.  We remove the hassle from your electronics design, and our partners can handle any programming or hardware design that you might need. Simply give us your specifications, test your prototype, and reap the rewards as we handle the entire manufacturing process and supply you with a finished product.

Our design and prototyping prices are affordable because we also act as your manufacturer, allowing us to be the most affordable electrical engineering design and manufacturing house out there. Because of our great prices and quick service, 9 small businesses have partnered with us to get their technologies off the ground, ranging from vertical farms to wearable technology. If you are an enterprising entrepreneur or small business, get in touch with us and we'll see if we can help your business take the next step.