About Us

Nothsor Systems is an electronics development and manufacturing company that is devoted to designing products useful in robotics, hobbyist, and industrial settings. Our first product that spurred the company's creation is a solid state MOSFET switching board that was developed for the aeroponics/hydroponics industry. This product is a power control board that can run off of a generic microcontroller and is used to control various devices such as water pumps, high powered LEDs, etc.

We have other products in the works such as specifically tailored hydroponics control boards and cost effective motor controllers for robotics. Each product our company sells comes with detailed instructions and setup guides as well as example videos detailing common uses and implementations for our products. This offers us a competitive edge over similar products that only offer data sheets.

The other core function of the company is to offer consulting and specific project solutions to customers, both individual hobbyists and large industries, who come to us with a problem to be solved, but no product to buy. This helps us to design custom solutions for our customers, and to help our company determine product viability and desire on the market.