Solution Center

Welcome to the Nothsor Systems Solution Center! The Solution Center is a way for us here at Nothsor to get in touch with you, the customer, and help you design custom solutions to whatever projects you may have. If you have a project you're working on and would like some recommendations as to how to control it, power it, design it, or whatever else; we here at Nothsor Systems will review your project and give you our advice, and maybe even design some custom electronics for you. Remember, anyone can submit a project, whether you're a hobbyist or industry.

To use the Solution Center, click on the 'Submit Project' button and give us a name to call you, an email where we can contact you, and then just describe your project in the form.

To view other projects or see the discussion about your project, click on the 'View Projects' button. All projects are moderated before being added to the projects page.